Sticker Shock

sticker shock image

Sticker Shock is a Litchfield High School UBU chemical free youth group-led initiative to change adult attitudes about selling and providing alcohol to minors in our community. Sticker Shock happens each spring in various Litchfield alcohol licensed establishments a few weeks before prom. Local youth from UBU work with participating stores to spread ‘Sticker Shock’ waves across Litchfield in an effort to reach adults who might be willing to buy alcohol for or simply have alcohol available to youth under 21. The stickers warn consumers not to give alcohol to minors.

The Goal

The goal is to promote awareness and expand support by local businesses who will allow for ‘Sticker Shock’ in their stores. The Sticker Shock Campaign brings attention to the consequences of underage drinking in a manner that involves youth, customers and business owners. It is an initiative that not only educates the community regarding underage drinking but also enhances leadership traits and advocacy skills within the youth participating in the program.

Underage drinkers can obtain alcohol in many different ways-they can steal it or get from friends, acquaintances, or their parents. Illegal sales to minors can be prevented. Attitudes and behavior can change.

Youth surveys consistently show that alcohol is the drug of choice among young people. Underage alcohol use contributes to decreased brain growth and development, sexual behavior and assault, risk-taking, vandalism, fetal alcohol syndrome, injuries, motor vehicle crashes, and negatively affects decision making and critical thinking. People who care about our youth need to be aware of the serious problems caused by underage drinking; and be aware that there are many effective strategies for reducing underage drinking.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Shelly Backes, Litchfield High School UBU Coordinator at 320.693.2424 ext. 4315 or Email Shelly